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Ozashiki Dining Room


Unjo-tei Dining Room

Hana-zashiki and Ryokuin-tei Dining Rooms
3 Ozashiki Dining Rooms in the forest
Our dining rooms in the forest are where you can have delicacies from both the sea and forest all by yourself.
Please experience our original menus such as Cherry Leaf Steamed Rice and Cherry Leaf flavored Sashimi.
Courses consist of 9 up to 12 dishes. You will definitely be more than satisfied.

   Dinner served at OZASHIKI Dining Rooms

Yamazakura (Smaller portion) 6,000 yen (excluding tax)
Kobai (Medium/Recommended ) 8,500 yen (excluding tax)
Hanagari (Deluxe)
12,000 yen (excluding tax)
 Recent dishes of Kobai
Starter Tofu made of milk with original sauce.
Sashimi 3 kinds of local catch
Soup Sea weed (Rausu Konbu) based soup broth with cherry blossom
Sushi Hand shaped sushi wrapped in seasonal aromatic leaves
NIMONO Local octopus with Obura bean sauce NIMONO = Stew
Special Plate Shark fin and KAMO NASU(= egg plant only grown in Kyoto)
Assorted Appies 7-9 kinds of seasonal seafood + vegetables
Tempura Shrimp donut and Japanese parsley
Special rice Sticky rice steamed with special seasoning topped with prawns + herbs
Pickles Seasonal vegetables pickled in original mixture of vinegar and herbs
Dessert Seasonal Manju(= Japanese bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste)
* Please note that menus might be slightly different due to availability of ingredients*

Following pictures show our original A-LA-CARTE menus. Please contact us for details.

Shark fin & Eggplant Grilled Turban shell MISO Flavoured abalone
Assorted SASHIMI Stewed local lobster Leaf wrapped Sushi
Local Lobster SASHIMI Deep fried Local fish  

(You DO NOT have to order when you make a reservation. Please choose when you check in.)


Grilled Fish meal

2,000 yen (excluding tax)

Brown rice porridge meal

2,000 yen (excluding tax)


Hanafubuki flavored American breakfast

2,000 yen (excluding tax)


Questions, concerns, or requests? Please contact us;
TEL: +81-557-54-1550 (JST 8 am - 9 pm)
E-mail: info@hanafubuki.co.jp

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